State and Local Government

Axiom Corporation has a long history of working with state and local government agencies on initiatives to improve operational productivity and efficiency, implement training programs, and migrate documents to a digital environment. From vital records management to state employee program administration, Axiom can manage programs and integrate technologies with minimal workflow interruption. Axiom has provided information technology support, help desk resources, and training in project management and general business areas.

Cornerstone services for this sector have included training, document scanning and indexing, integration with legacy systems, and IT assessments. Axiom Corporation can provide any of the services we offer to other customers to state and local government entities as well.

Some of Axiom Corporation’s state and local government Past Performances are described below:

  • Completed IT assessment for purposes of strategic planning and budgeting
  • Provided IT support service to administrative staff
  • Trained staff on Microsoft SharePoint
  • Provided troubleshooting and solutions for software and hardware issues
  • Provided and managed web site for online purchase of fishing and hunting licenses and application for Moose Lottery
  • Database management for information collection, management and reporting
  • Included secure transaction ability for e-commerce
  • Provided customer support for transactions via telephone and e-mail


  • Provided IT support for over 10,000 end users, including troubleshooting, network issues, desktop problems and hardware issues
  • Administered Novell and Microsoft servers
  • Maintained software via upgrades and patches
  • Managed Novell and Microsoft Active Directory objects, including users and security
  • Supported backup process for 130 remote sites
  • Designed electronic storage and retrieval system for digital management of birth, death, marriage, divorce, fetal death and ITOP records
  • Lifecycle project management – procurement to implementation
  • Scanned and indexed 19 million documents
  • Data migration from legacy systems – system enhancement, web-based upgrade
  • Supported city during integration of Oracle into Finance, Human Resources, Payroll and Procurement departments
  • Developed and implemented training program for 2800 end-users
  • Provided coaching services to individual executives and training to all staff members